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The Cake Stand

Do skip lunch and go for  dessert instead. In fact we encourage it.  Our huge selection of delicious home made cakes: apple crumble, green tea cheese cake, you’ll find them hard to resist! Go ahead and indulge a little.

The Refreshment

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Ala Carte Lunch & Dinner

We simply make all your favorites, from honest and everyday street food really really well .  Mouthwatering gourmet pizzas and bruchett’s are also served to your taste.

There’s something for everybody, and there’s always a reason to return.

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Corporate Events

Stunning affair and dining experience

Warmly invite your distinguished guests, colleagues or even valued customers to enjoy a dining experience at Kedai Kopi 89. Whether a corporate get-together, product launch, a welcome or farewell meal, Kedai Kopi 89 team will ensure it will be a stunning affair.


Private Events

Everything –from casual dinners to customised social, and business events or gatherings with customised menu to wine pairings, butler services and tailored gifts — can be arranged to guarantee our guests a memorable experience.

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